Surf Shop


Our Surf Shop is placed in the old barn where you can rent surfboards, wetsuits, boots and gloves. You can also buy surfwax, eco-friendly sunscreen, surfer earplugs, waveology photo art and second hand boards.



  • Surfboards (shortboards, longboards, minimals, fish & soft tops)
  • Stand up paddle boards (SUP)
  • Wetsuits (winter and summer wetsuits in all sizes, boots & gloves)
  • Bikes

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  • Order new surfboards and wetsuits or buy second-hand
  • Winter and summer surf wax
  • Dingfix kit
  • Surf leashes
  • Nature-based and non-toxic suncream and lotion
  • Surfer earplugs
  • Second-hand cloths and things
  • BSF gift certificate
  • Hamboards Sweden (surfing on land)

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