Four Reasons Why Lionel Messi Won’t Return to Barcelona in January

Lionel Messi Won't Return to Barcelona in January

Rumors of Lionel Messi loan return to Barcelona have resurfaced, following Inter Miami’s failure to make it to the MLS playoffs. However, there are several reasons why this scenario is highly unlikely.

Family Considerations

First and foremost, Lionel Messi’s family plays a significant role in this equation. While Messi does have a house in Barcelona, he is also concerned about the well-being of his children, who are already enrolled in schools.

It would be incredibly disruptive for them to move again in the middle of the school year, and Messi is not willing to uproot his wife and three children just to return to Europe for a short stint.

Strained Relationship with Joan Laporta

Secondly, Messi’s relationship with Joan Laporta has been strained since his departure in 2021 and has not fully recovered to this day. While Barcelona’s public stance has always been that the decision to “return” lies in Messi’s hands, the reality is more complex.

Financial Considerations

Thirdly, there are financial considerations at play. As is well-known, Barcelona’s current financial situation does not allow for Messi’s return without making sacrifices. There would need to be a player sacrificed as part of the deal, and that’s not conducive to the team’s progress.

Barcelona’s current priority is to expedite the arrival of Vitor Roque from Athletico Paranaense. The Brazilian striker has already been signed by the Blaugrana but is scheduled to join in the summer of 2024.

Barcelona is currently attempting to bring Vitor Roque in as early as January. They seem to be in need of additional firepower to navigate the busy schedule of the current season.

Inter Miami’s Stance

Lastly, Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas has previously stated that his team will not loan Messi to Barcelona. It’s a different story if La Pulga wishes to have a farewell game in front of the Camp Nou crowd, which would, of course, be allowed.


While the idea of Lionel Messi returning to Barcelona on loan is intriguing, several significant obstacles make it highly improbable. Messi’s family, the complex relationships involved, financial constraints, and the stance of his current club all make this scenario challenging to materialize. As such, fans should approach these rumors with caution, understanding that there are multiple factors at play in any potential transfer or loan deal.