Bornholm Surf Farm is a small, family owned hostel/camping that offers surfers and other out-door enthusiasts an exciting way to experience the amazing nature and spirit of Bornholm. The philosophy behind the Surf Farm is based on a simple way of living, close interaction with nature and the possibility to disconnect from technology distractions and a high tempo city lifestyle.

The Farm is located in the middle of Bornholm’s northern coast, a small island in the Baltic Sea. This area is consider by many to be the most beautiful in all of Bornholm with its dramatic cliffs, caves, waterfalls and simply amazing nature. It is a 10 minute walk from the farm to the ocean and on your way you come across what has been appointed ”Denmark’s most beautiful walking track”, a 5 kilometer hike through Salene Bay down to the village Gudhjem. The northern coast also contains the picturesque villages Allinge-Sandvig (northwest of the farm) and Svaneke (southeast of the farm). The whole north coast is only 30 kilometers long so it is easily accessed by bike.

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