Bornholm Surf Farm is a small, eco-friendly hostel and camping ground located on the northern coast of Bornholm. We offer surfers and other out-door enthusiasts a unique place to stay while experiencing the amazing nature and spirit of this magical island in the middle of the Baltic sea.

The philosophy behind The Surf Farm is based on a simple way of living, in close interaction with nature, and with the possibility of disconnecting from technological distractions and a high tempo city lifestyle. This concept influences the interior of the hostel in all aspects. Our wish is that each and every one of our guests get a feeling of individual experience, going temporarily “off the grid” and hopefully getting inspired to adapt some of our values and concepts back into their everyday lifestyle. An ecological lifestyle and sustainable awareness is one of the cornerstones at Bornholm Surf Farm.

The nature surrounding The Farm is magical with its meadows, forests, creeks and waterfalls. It’s only a 7-minute walk down to the sea and there are amazing hiking tracks in both directions along the ocean where you come across dramatic cliffs, waterfalls, a cave and an art museum.

Visiting Bornholm Surf Farm equals spending time with other people, putting away technical devices and socializing face-to-face, being surrounded by nature in every direction, breathing fresh air and being able to enjoy the amazing night sky without light or sound pollution.

We look forward to seeing you!

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