Casemiro Reveals Man Utd’s Hidden ‘Cheat Code’ for Scoring: Set Pieces Shine


Erik Ramsay, Casemiro’s Set Piece Coach, Got High Marks

Casemiro, the Brazilian star in the middle of the field for Manchester United, has revealed a secret tool that has helped the Red Devils score a lot of goals this season. How did they do so well? Put together. Casemiro has a lot of good things to say about Eric Ramsay, the club’s set piece coach, who was hired by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

United’s Struggles to Score

Manchester United has had a tough time scoring goals in open play this season. It’s clear that they’ve found a new way to win because most of their goals have come from dead ball situations like free kicks and corners.

This is Eric Ramsay’s “Cheat Code.”

To improve their strategy, United brought in Eric Ramsay from Chelsea in 2021. Ramsay was an expert in set pieces. He was hired when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was in charge, and Solskjaer quickly recognized Ramsay’s skills, calling him “fresh, young, and innovative.” Ramsay, who is only 31 years old, has been a huge addition to the club ever since he joined, especially under current boss Erik ten Hag. Without a doubt, he’s been named the club’s “cheat code.”

What Happened to Casemiro and Other People

At Carrington, Eric Ramsay’s job is to make the most of free kicks and corners, and it’s clear that his work has paid off. Ramsay’s help has been especially helpful for Casemiro. The Brazilian player has scored four goals in just 11 games, with most of them coming from set plays.

In an interview with the United Review, Casemiro talked about how Ramsay had improved the team’s set-piece skills. He talked about how hard Ramsay worked and how important it was for him to figure out how the team could use set-piece situations to their advantage. The player Casemiro agreed that the teaching team, especially Ramsay, had been very helpful in this area.

Set Pieces Can Change the Game

It become very important for Manchester United to score goals from set pieces since their attack having trouble scoring goals from open play. Ramsay’s set-piece tactics have helped players like Scott McTominay and Bruno Fernandes score goals when the team has only scored 11 goals in the Premier League this season.

A Bright Spot in the Middle of Problems

Fifth-placed Manchester United is currently in eighth place in the Premier League after losing five of their first ten games. Even though the season has off to a rough start, the Red Devils still have hope thanks to Eric Ramsay’s great set-piece work. They want to move up the table and make their mark in the league.

In conclusion

The fact that Eric Ramsay had a big effect on Manchester United’s set-piece success shows how committed the club is to coming up with new ways to score. As the season goes on and challenges arise, fans can take comfort in the knowledge that this “cheat code” will help them reach their goals. Players like Casemiro, Scott McTominay, and others are showing that goals can come from strange places with the help of the coaching staff. This keeps the excitement and uncertainty of football alive and well.